Bigg Boss Vote Telugu (Online Voting)

Bigg Boss Telugu Is a Biggest Popular Reality Game Show of Telugu Language.This show Broadcasting Star Maa Television.This programe Main Concept Is One House 16 housemates with 60 cameras 24 hours watching.This show already bigg boss Season 1 And Bigg Boss Season 2 Successfully ended..This program season 1 Hosted by Jr. NTR .Bigg boss telugu season 2 host by Nani. This Programs Most Important Section Is Bigg Boss Telugu Voting online.The nominees who receive more number of vote from public will be safe for next round.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is Coming Soon on Star maa Tv.Bigg boss promo Shoots Completed,May month End it will we telecast Star maa Channel.June 2nd Week Or 3rd week Bigg Boss Telugu Programe Start. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 who’s hosts is surprice.This Seasion Also Same Concept And Same Bigg Boss Rules.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 was the second season of the Star Maa Channel game show. Bigg Boss Telugu 2nd season hosted by Naani. This season had 19 housemates (include wildcard entries) with 70 cameras. The season Start on June 10, 2018 and ended on 30 September 2018.The season was extended by one week (112 days) . Bigg Boss Season 2 Winner Is Kaushal Manda Runner is Geetha Madhuri

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1

Bigg Bosss Telugu 1 was the First season of theStar Maa CHannel game show. Bigg Boss Telugu 1st season hosted by Jr.NTR. This season had 16 housemates (include wildcard entries) with 60 cameras.The season Start on 16 July 2017 and ended on 24 September 2017 Total 100 days. Bigg Boss Season 2 Winner Is Siva Runner is Aadarsh

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestant List

Contestant Name Profession Status
Amit Tiwari Film Actor Nominated
Samrat Reddy Film Actor Safe
Bhanu Sri Film Actress Eliminated
Kireeti Damaraju Film Actress / IT Employee Eliminated
Deepti Nallamothu TV Anchor / Reporter Nominated
Geetha Madhuri Singer Safe
Babu Gogineni Humanist / Activist Eliminated
Deepthi Sunaina Film Actress / Youtuberb Eliminated
Tanish Alladi Film Actor Safe
Roll Rida Rapper / Singer Safe
Kaushal Manda Television Actor Nominated
Anchor Shyamala TV Anchor Nominated
Tejaswi Madivada Film Actor Eliminated
Nandini Rai (WildCard Entry) Film Actress / Model Eliminated
RJ Ganesh (Commoner) RJ Safe
Sanjana Anne (Commoner) Model Eliminated
Nutan Naidu (Commoner) Social Worker / Activist Eliminated
Pooja Ramachandran Actress, Model, and Anchor Eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Voting

  1. Go to Google Search and type ‘ Bigg Boss Vote ‘ (or) ‘ Bigg Boss Telugu Voting ‘ (or) Click Here
  2. After Results Shown as you will see Eviction nominated participant List
  3. Click the Contestant photo and Vote your loved once (maximum of 10 votes Per Day)
  4. Submit Vote button to complete the process,Your Vote Counting Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Poll

Bigg Boss Missed Call Voting

Viewers can also vote via mobile phone by giving missed call to favorite participant Number (This Is 2nd Season Missed call numbers,every Season Changing participant And Numbers)

vote for Nutan Naidu – Give missed call to 7729998809

vote for Roll Rida – Give missed call to – 7729998807

vote for Kireeti Damaraju – Give missed call to 772999816

vote for Bhanu Sri – Give missed call to – 7729998804

vote for Sanjana Anne – Give missed call to 7729998814

vote for Kaushal Manda – Give missed call to 7729998817 

vote for Babu Gogineni – Give missed call to – 7729998805

vote for Amit Tiwari – Give missed call to – 7729998813

vote for Deepti Nallamothu – Give missed call to – 7729998808

vote for Tanish – Give missed call to – 7729998811

vote for Tejaswi Madivada – Give missed call to – 7729998806

vote for Deepti Sunaina – Give missed call to 7729998812

vote for Ganesh – Give missed call to 7729998803

vote for Shyamala – Give missed call to – 7729998802

vote for Geetha Madhuri – Give missed call to – 7729998801

vote for Samrat Reddy – Give missed call to  – 7729998815

vote for Nandini Rai – Give missed call to – 7729998818